We were able to help an SME overcome its economic deadlock in eCommerce and bill half a million dollars in just one year.




A company with 50 years of experience that aimed to sell products on a massive scale was stuck for six months. Its strategy to implement online sales was not working: advertising, promotions, resources, systems, and other expenses amounted to 10,000 USD per month, but its sales weren't growing, and its profitability was gradually decreasing until it reached zero.




Through meetings with the owners, with the NWA team we decided to set certain goals to achieve in the eCommerce within 12 months:


  • Invest in the most cost-effective and measurable marketing channels.
  • Increase by 60% the number of visits to eCommerce.
  • Double sales within eCommerce.
  • Increase the Conversion Rate (percentage of visits that result in a sale).
  • Reduce obstacles in the shopping process.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value - LTV.
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI).




As with every project we take on at Nerds With Attitude, the first step we take is to provide a Situational Assessment to the client. To achieve this, we conducted an exhaustive audit of the eCommerce and the business with one main goal: detecting points of profitability leakage. We analyzed everything: from systems, investments, and advertising, to data analysis of user behavior, sales, and the entire user-shopping experience.


The analysis identified the need to improve the product catalog as well as the display of each product. We worked on the cataloging processes, optimized the procedures, and standardized them. By doing so, we were able to have a uniform and high-quality catalog throughout the online store. A user-friendly catalog.


Simultaneously, with the repair of the eCommerce, we implemented advertising campaigns. These were based on profitability (Performance Ads) and Marketing Automation processes with the main goal of recovering unfinished shopping carts, which achieved a significant increase in the conversion rate (visits that end with a purchase.)


Once the first measures and improvements to the website were completed, we launched the second stage of Performance Ads on social networks and search engines. This time, focused mainly on attracting the target audience and continuing to increase sales.




After the first 12 months of work, the difference and results were noticeable:


  • 1839% increase in visits with purchase intent.
  • The return on investment went from negative to +9.75 points.
  • They increased the number of monthly sales by almost 10 times its original amount.
  • Decreased shopping cart abandonment by 83%.