The NWA team tells you how a constant and accurate analysis can anticipate any digital advertising crisis that may appear in your business.



At the beginning of February we saw an increase in news from China on the COVID-19 cases. Being fanatics of numbers, we analyzed and elaborated possible scenarios. All of these were then corroborated with our biotech clients. From Nerds With Attitude we began to think of possibilities for the different scenarios that could affect our country.
All our plans were based on the same premise: to ask ourselves how consumption was going to be in the coming days.


How did we satisfy our customers?

Our trigger helped us to classify our customers into two groups. On the one hand, we grouped those who were "first necessity," and on the other, those who provided "secondary" goods or services. 

With the first group, we decided to maintain a balanced budget and we remained expectant about the reaction of the conversion cost. When we saw that the market was moving favorably, we communicated with them offering them the possibility of investing more in order to increase profits. Those who had sufficient possibilities trusted us and opted to go along with the proposal. Thus, our team kept waiting for the right moment. As soon as there was a decrease in conversion costs, the investment was increased in a gradual and balanced way, leading to more conversions at the same price.

When we approached our "secondary need" clients, we recommended that they take a risk with a plan supported by our analysis, which they trusted. In this sector, our team opted to split the budget by placing a larger portion during the first half of the month. This decision came after analyzing that in late February the economy would start having the first problems. Although in the first two weeks the conversion cost ended up higher, it was more beneficial in the face of the abysmal decrease in conversions during the second half of the month.

Both sectors reported favorable results at the end of the month. 

Both plans allowed our customers -who provide both basic and non-essential goods and services- to meet their monthly sales targets. In this way, they were assured of covering expenses and employees' salaries.
Both the prudent investment for those of "first necessity" and the market risk taken from those of "second necessity", allowed our clients to reach the monthly goals in the first two weeks, protecting themselves against an economic collapse.

And that´s how all our clients overcame the crisis thanks to our digital advertising. What are you waiting to join us?